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          CONTACT INFO



          TEL :0086-731-85128896

          FAX: 0086-731-85823258

          Contact person: Arrow Chen / Chen Lan

          Email: manager@sunwayconcretepump.com


          Company Profile

          Company Profile

          Sunway Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (below shown as “Sunway”) is a professional agent to provide sales and consultant service for used construction machinery equipment; whose products are including placing boom, concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck and relative parts from Zoomlion, Sany, Schwing and PM Putzmeister etc. The market is covering from Southeast Asia to Africa and South America and so on.

          Sunway has been specialized in used construction machinery equipment export since?2006. After 8?years’ development,?Sunway has?accumulated rich experience in this field. Till now, Sunway has established a comprehensive operation system to lay out a complete set of product technical solutions according to customers` requirements and also provide professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales service.

          The service motto of Sunway is "Professional, Quality and Mutual Benefit”. In order to make sure the function of used machines the same as new ones, all the products from Sunway should be strictly adjusted before shipping; moreover, all the products bought from Sunway can enjoy the specialized?maintain service at the international service point set up by Zoomlion.?With the support of?Chinese two largest heading construction enterparises,??Zoomlion and Sany, Sunway ensures the high quality of its products, meanwhile provides competitive price to?its customers.