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          CONTACT INFO



          TEL :0086-731-85128896

          FAX: 0086-731-85823258

          Contact person: Arrow Chen / Chen Lan

          Email: manager@sunwayconcretepump.com


          Spare parts for concrete pump

          The spare parts from Sunway Mechanical Equipment Co are suitable for Zoomlion, Putzmeister, Sany and Schwing concrete equipment.? The spare parts have competitive pprice, good quality.

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          Spare parts for concret mixer, concrete placing boom and concrete pump


          - Accumulator & Bladder

          - Agitator hydraulic motor

          - Hydraulic pump

          - Water pump

          - Roll Steering pump

          - Elbow

          - Filter

          - Cooling fan

          - Batching Plant

          - Coupling

          - Gauge

          - Hoses & Tubes

          - Rubber seal & O-ring

          - Valve

          - Vibrator


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